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Kera Strait

RAPHAEL has been in the hair and skin care business since 1976 as a protégée AND FRIEND of PAUL MITCHELL he has been featured in shows throughout the world. He has been an innovator in the hair business by minimizing the damage chemicals do to the hair with his custom blended SALSA FOR HAIR products that work on all type of hair.

In his prestigious day spa salon in Doral Florida, he has serviced over 60,000 clients a year from just about every nationality around the world. As a result he has develop RAPHAEL'S SKIN CARE REJUVENATION SYSTEMS a skin care line that works with a multitude of skin types. It has proven to have amazing results.

RAPHAEL was dissatisfied with results on his clients using the popular hair and skin care products in the market. He decided to create a few lines of hair and skin products that would be beneficial to his diverse clientele, and that is how www.salsaforhair.com and RAPHAEL'S SKIN CARE REJUVENATION SYSTEMS were born. as a result of the Brazilian  keratin treatments interest Raphael once again has been in the cutting edge of developing  new formulas that will be less expensive and also safer to apply so he has formulated Kera Strait Spray with the benefits of an easy to apply and still having the same results of the very expensive Brazilian Keratin Treatment now at home easy to use  just  wash your hair , towel dry , spray Kera strait comb thru and use your blow drier to dry the hair and with the heat activating ingredient your hair will be molecularly change to a smooth shiny and soft hair that will last as long as you continue to use kera strait the hair will be beautiful as it should be.

  32 oz

We want to give you the best on-line buying experience available, from research to ordering to shipping. We believe in providing knowledgeable, friendly customer service to help you achieve your cosmetics needs, and our staff ranks among the best in the business. With decades of collective experience and a tremendous love for our products . our staff will answer your questions thoroughly and intelligently. You can purchase items from our user-friendly internet store, www.salsaforhair.com & www.kerastrait.com . The vast majority of our orders ship within 24 hours.
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