Spray Strait is a fluid that ,repairs and protects the hair. due to its formula with thermal active ingredients this product is perfect to be used with any heat styling process ,it contains hydrolyzed keratin that deeply penetrates the capillary cuticle. repairing damaged hair, providing smoothing, conditioning and strengthen also with silicon that gives body ,shine ,volume and controls frizzes leaving the hair easy to comb.

Loved by so many, the Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment can be costly, at the salon and not always effective sometimes even counter productive. Instead Kera-Strait Spray at-home is the perfect alternative because of its special formulation the harmful gases have been eliminated for a more healthy hair treatment !. Spray Strait is a revolutionary   hair treatment that, can be used at home or have your hair blown dry at the beauty salon just give it to your stylist  spray  each section and have your stylist proceed to do your blow dry your hair and after use the 450 degree flat iron on each section again   this is the final step to the treatment . The 4 oz bottle should give you 10 to 15 treatments depending on the length of your hair.
Brazilian Spray Keratin is the first safe at home alternative to expensive salon treatments providing amazing results of straighter, smoother, stronger hair instantly.Brazilian Spray Keratin treated hair is faster and easier to style.
Finally, Spray Strait offers choices wear your hair sexy soft curls, waves or straight with ease and without frizz or expensive, lengthy salon visits. Hair perfection for all!  
this can be use to create curls also you just wash hair towel dry section it spray each section then blow dry after whole head is done hair will strait now if you want long lasting curls take a curling iron  ( one that heats up real good 450 degree or close to it ) section hair you want to curl and curl away when you curl make sure to do like the flat iron  in other words leave on a few seconds do it a couple times 

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          4 oz spray strait treatment
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Summary of clinical study

On 50 females ( age range 19 - 68) participants with varying degrees of Hair types ,they participated in an open-ended study using an all natural compound solution to determine the effects on the hair.

They were initial done in various salons around the USA  . After 6 months of treatment ,the
participants of which 50% were seen every 2 weeks for hair dry and the other 50% were monthly seen .The results indicate that 85.% in the study had a decrease in frizz of the hair. When evaluating  closely, we found that we could break down into three separate groups:

1.Thin Bleach highlighted hair washed 2 times a week treatment lasted 5 weeks gradually wearing off   
2.Moderate curly hair  washed 2 times a week treatment lasted 4 weeks gradually wearing off  
3.Thick natural hair washed 2 times a week treatment lasted 3 weeks gradually wearing off

all treatment with continues use had an cumulative effect on 100% of groups 

Showing significant reduction in thick, frizzy and curly hair was 90% of the study group .

Clinical Trials were performed at a non-biased third party salons, which provided expertise in the advanced research and education in human hair. KeraStrait Spray Keratin clinical testing resulted in longer, softer, shinier hair with 100% less frizz, with results lasting as long as 6 weeks. all participants were done by professional hairstylist in participating salons . the women were told to wash their hair not more that 2 times a week.

in summary, this study concludes that KeraStrait spray has a positive effect in 8 out of 10 women with frizzy damage hair on the very first treatment but significant improvement was seen in all participants at all stages of the treatment. an optimum rate of satisfaction was display by participants and age did not seem to be a factor in their response.
Hair conditioning has no vital function relative to the medical well being of humans. Yet the psycho-social implications can never be underestimated. smooth condition hair can be the crowning glory for the femininity of women .

This study demonstrated the safety and efficacy of KeraStrait  compound solution to the hair
Patients and Methods
50 females with damage ,thin ,bleach thick .frizzy hair from area salons in the usa were studied . After informed consent and observing past hair treatments they were selected. Partisipants that were using any other treatment were excluded from the study.
It was decided to run an open-ended study. All women were instructed to come every 2 weeks or once a month for the treatment of KeraStrait  compound solution. Once this was.

Administration and Dosage
The KeraStrait natural compound solution was supplied at no charge to the participants. Each salon  received 12 / 4 oz bottles of compound solution along with 32 oz of a specially formulated deep  cleanser. They were all individually and carefully instructed on the proper usage of both the cleanser and the KeraStrait compound solution all participant are clients of participating salons.

  32 oz

Titanium iron is RECOMMENDED to be used with the KERASTRAIT SPRAY
Introducing an amazing breakthrough in technology; The Professional Titanium Flat Iron. This straightening iron takes the amazing benefits of ceramic heat, ionic technology and combines them with Titanium.

Product Features:

Ultra hard, mirror smooth titanium plate surfaces
Negative Ions and Infrared Heat (removes static) for Silky Shiny Hair.
Ion field technology (seals in natural oils)
Micro-porous technology (locks in moisture)
Won't damage hair like other straighteners.
Unparalleled Infrared heat for deep, long lasting straightness.
Micro Chip Temperature Control Infrared Heat, Flash Quick Heating.
Variable temperature settings for all hair types. The maximum temperature is 450°F , and the minium temperature is 176°F.
Tangle-free 3 meter, 360° swivel cord.
Dual Voltage 110/220V
A Note from My Hair Styling Tools
For the past year I have been using a ceramic hair iron, so the moment I received these  Titanium I had to try one to see if it could possibly get any better. I was blown away with just the look of these irons, the plates are like glass, extremely smooth and glossy. As usual the iron heated up within seconds and was ready to be tested.


Now, I have frizzy hair, down to the middle of my back and although my hair is pretty healthy I do have damage from wearing in it in a pony tail. I have this one section of hair that is hard to tame because of split ends and damage from hair elastics. Well after using this iron you would never know, my hair is smooth and shiny and best of all there is NO frizz and NO static! My hair color is also more resilient and I don't even color my hair! I'm in love and I know you will be too, it is defiantly the best hair straightener out there and trust me, I have tried many different brands, after all, it's my job!
My Hair Styling Tools

What is Titanium?
Titanium is a lustrous metallic element found in igneous rocks and know for its strength, durability, light weight and high temperature stability.

Why a Titanium Hair Straightener?
Titanium offers many features and benefits in a hair styling tool. Titanium provides amazing durability under high heats and offers an even heat distribution. Scratch resistant and extremely durable Titanium is a great benefit for a hair iron that will last you many years.

When combined with ceramic, negative ions and tourmaline, Titanium works to enhance your hairs hydration and shine. Eliminate frizz, enhance shine, and improve the overall look of you hair. Your hair is left hydrated, soft and healthier.

A top choice for professionals because of the amazing results on all hair types, lengths and styles.

Isn't Ceramic enough?
NO! Traditional ceramic irons rely on heat alone which risks damage to the hair. Titanium relies on ionic and infrared juices, which provides a better, healthier method. More Fabulous Results - NOW Without the Risk of Damage! Titanium High Performance Irons give shinier, silkier, smoother and healthier hair than other ceramic irons.

So why are negative ions important when using a hair iron?
Negative ions close the cuticle layer to create a smooth, silky hair surface and seal in the hair's natural moisture. This provides ultimate shine, color and moisture protection for hair. Negative Irons also eliminate static electricity on the hair surface so hair is left silky and frizz-free!

Why is infrared important when using flat irons?
Far Infrared heat penetrates the hair to heat it gently from within. This creates a different type of heat that doesn't heat the hair. Instead, more heat is delivered directly to the hair shaft so hair is suppler and can be worked quickly and easily. Because less heat is delivered to the surface, hair is not damaged.

How does this compare to other Irons?

The benefit of negative ions and Far Infrared Tourmaline means that as we're not using high heat alone, there is less risk of damaging the delicate, yet critical cuticle layer. Tourmaline's enormous amount of negative ions creates more shine, silkiness and smoothness than traditional ceramic iron.

Titanium hair straighteners are Micro-chip controlled providing a constant and even heat. Titanium hair straighteners heat up in less than 10 seconds and while most other straighteners are simply ceramic coated, Titanium boasts 100% pure titanium plates that actually protect the hair. Our Titanium straighteners are THE professionals choice and incorporate the latest infra-red and negative ion technology that ensures the KERASTRAIT SPRAY IS  locked in creating beautiful shine and straightness that lasts.